Lost Pet Information

Of course the most important thing is to keep identification on your dog at all times. Be sure the collar you use fits your dog properly. You might want to consider a microchip. There are several companies that offer them, check with your vet. Those most commonly used are AVID, HomeAgain and 24Pet Watch. Be prepared with records and "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Simple things can help prevent the loss of a pet. Put locks on your gates to ensure they will not be left open accidentally. For an escape artist use a front storm door, a baby gate or exercise pen across the door opening. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
The loss of a pet can cause a lot of stress. It is hard to think where to start, but time is very important.  Make a packet that contains the important information about your pet. Make it before something happens.  It should include:

    Rabies Certificate for the tag number
    City License with the tag number Animal Control number
    Micro Chip number and the company phone number

Act quickly:
1. Search your property to be sure your pet is not hiding.
2. Walk your neighborhood and talk to neighbors and everyone you meet. Take a photo,
     and leave your phone number. Call your pet, use squeaky toys.
3. Place an ad in local and main newspapers quickly.  It takes about 3 days for an ad to be
4. Report your missing pet to the appropriate microchip company.
5. Phone your vet, emergency vets and animal shelters in and outside your area.
6. Actually make a visit to the shelters, even if they tell you they do not have an
    animal meeting your description, leave them a photo. File a missing pet report when
7. Check the area where your pet was last seen. Do this in the early morning hours.
8. Make and post posters in area businesses, busy intersections, and the area where
    your pet was lost. Only post your phone number, consider putting REWARD at the
    top, but no amount.
9. Post your home phone and cell numbers so you can easily be reached.
10. Leave a familiar item outside your home. Your dog's bed, blanket, something that
     smells familiar.
11. Check the newspaper "Found Ads" and internet Lost and Founds, everyday.
12. Use caution when meeting someone claiming to have your pet and beware of scams.
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