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  Special Needs

This is Sophie the little Doxie, but it really doesn't matter what you call her because she's totally deaf. She's blind too. She sleeps with a dirty shirt so she knows that people are around.  She can tell by the smell. It is truly amazing that a dog that had never been in a house, can't see and can't hear is taking to this house breaking so well. She has learned her way around the back yard. She's got enough confidence now that she just takes off running.  It is amazing how Sophie can be so happy when she can't see or hear a lick. Sophie hasn't learned to fetch the paper yet, but we'll just give her a little more time.

Meet Schnapps, the little Shih Tzu on the left.  Schnapps lost her eyes due to glocoma and they had to be removed to releave the excruciating pain.  Schnapps was adopted, ventures out on many outings accompanied by her siblings.  The little Sheltie in the photo is her seeing eye Sheltie, as they are attached together with a "V" leash.  Of course Schnapps can hear, but is led in the right direction by her companion, Sheba.

Frostee is a VERY LOVABLE double merle sheltie. He does not let a little thing like being deaf stop him from playing with other dogs, running and barking. He gets along with the other dogs in his foster home. He LOVES to jump into your lap to cuddle! Frostee is currently learning basic sign language. Just because he cannot hear, does not mean he cannot be trained. Has a very gentle nature and loves everyone.  He thrives in his home with other dogs so he can watch and follow them around the house and yard. This love bug adapts very well to his surroundings and loves his family.

Here is Rex, who is living a happy loving life in his new forever home.  Rex entered rescue after having been treated by his breeder for mange.  Further tests proved that Rex has Dermatomyositis,  also known as DM or Sheltie Skin.  It is a genetic disorder treated with prescription meds, vitamin supplements, sunscreen, and topical creams and ointments to protect his skin.
Rex is very intelligent and has a love of life and personality that just steals your heart.

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